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Brands used

The following is a short list of the brands I use in custom projects and for special orders.


We proudly use Volquartsen parts and accessories in our builds. 


Also available are rifles made by Volquartsen themselves. whether you're looking to upgrade your beloved 10/22, or looking to own a the worlds finest firearms made by the masters themselves, I've got you covered.

Call for pricing on available items.

AR Maglock

The AR-maglock specifically replaces the bullet-button or the convention mag release on an AR-15 with a locking bar which forces the user to disassemble the action of the rifle in order to reload, per the laws recently adopted in CA, and those found in states like NY.  the use of this product allows the user to continue to use some of the accessories that might otherwise need to be removed when making a rifle compliant.

specifically this product disables the ability of the magazine to be removed unless the firearm is disassembled.

Aero Precision LLC lowers

Aero precision LLC offers moderately priced, well made lower receivers for the AR-15 platform as well as their M5 platform which is compatible with the DPMS panther line of 308 rifles. Aero Precision often accomodates end user sought modifications into their platform, and their quality makes them highly sought after in a rifle.

Anderson Rifles

Anderson rifles is based on in Kentucky, and offers affordable Lower receivers for the AR platform. they are of good quality and have models with engraving as well as those with built in trigger guards. certain models also feature a finish which purportedly allows the user to fire the rifle without the requirement of lubrication.

they are a good product for an entry level build where the builder doesn't want to break the bank.

Thordsen Customs

Thordsen customs offers several products for the AR-15 line of rifles and pistols which allow users in states which have passed laws regulating "assault weapons" to convert them into a configureation which brings them into compliance with the law. their FRS-15 stock kit replaces the pistol grip and the buttstock in an AR-15 with a grip which is not considered to be a pistol grip, thereby removing one of the "evil features" of the AR=15

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